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I'm Tej and I founded a Recruitment Company in July 2016, age 23, with no previous Recruitment experience and no backing. 


In my previous role I was solely responsible for the digital offering of a Medical Communications Agency working with the Top 15 Pharmaceutical companies, globally. I was also half decent at pitching for new business. I stopped caring and got fired, which led me to Recruitment, now Property and Tej Talks. I also consult people on their personal branding and marketing, in order to attract investment. Email me to learn more.

I've studied abroad in North Carolina (literally a year of eating fried chicken), I love travelling (Italy by far my fave), have danced Bhangra in front of 4,500 people, I adore eating and making cheese.

I've purchased 15 properties in my first 9 months, and raised £648,000 of Investor finance.


My Portfolio is now valued at £1,330,000.


Yes - I'm a 26 year old who spends Friday nights making cheese... whilst most are partying. Think I've skipped middle age and gone right into retirement!  Although, I do still love dancing.

You can learn how to build your Portfolio and Financial Freedom like I have - CLICK HERE.

I'd love to hear from you, so why not say Hello or Ciao or Hola?

My 4-page Feature in YPN Magazine

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