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Why Property?

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

1. It’s a physical asset

It is not a liability, it may have costs and challenges associated with it but historically it goes up in price and has done since the dawn of time. It’s also physically standing, unlike software or code, to many this confers a larger value. We can work our whole lives and never be ‘free’, property in the UK is a great way to generate ‘passive’ income and free up your time to follow your other passions. We talk about this on the Tej Talks Podcast!

2. We aren’t making anymore land!

Our world is not expanding, and neither should it too much - in my eyes this is Natures world, we are deeply ingrained guests. Like those cousins that just won’t leave! The available area for living in will reduce with time, meaning areas that are inhabitable will go up in value and price. Simple supply and demand. Meaning, if you own or ‘control’ these assets in the UK you’re in a great place for the future, wether you would sell your properties or re-finance, there will be more value (based on history)

3. You’re doing something that benefits people

Not everyone can afford to buy a house, or will ever be able to or want to own a house. There is a whole ‘generation’ of people who are happy to rent as it works for their personal situation. We all know about ‘Rogue landlords’ and the housing conditions in some parts of England - you can make a big difference here. By renovating old and outdated houses and making unsafe houses sounds again you are providing modern, clean and great living spaces for people. Wether that is a single let, HMO or a block of flats!

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