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Who is Tej & Why is he talking?


I'm Tej (actually, Gurtej) and I founded a Recruitment Company in July 2016, age 23, with no previous Recruitment experience and no backing.

In my previous role I was solely responsible for the digital offering of a Medical Communications Agency working with the Top 15 Pharmaceutical companies, globally. I was also half decent at pitching for new business. I stopped caring and got fired, which led me to Recruitment, now Property and Tej Talks.

I must be super cool because I was approached by two business advisors. Who have 15 years of Recruitment experience between them, who provide guidance, agony aunt services and a bunch of laughs when I need it most! #TejTalks

I've studied abroad in North Carolina (literally a year of American Pie), I love travelling (Italy by far my fave), have danced Bhangra in front of 4,500 people, I adore eating and making cheese....and Talking.

Yes - I'm a 25 year old who spends Friday nights making cheese... whilst most are partying. Think I've skipped middle age and gone right into retirement! Tej is Talking!

I'd love to hear from you, so why not say Hello or Ciao or Hola?

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