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What's the time?

What you thought yesterday, doesn't have to be what you think today.

Your ignorance yesterday, can be your education today.

Your hidden history, can explain the world today.

Your views last week, don't have to be your views this week.

Your silence before, can inform your voice after.

I haven't posted in a long time, the longest time ever on TT.

I've struggled with life over the past few weeks and I really needed time to reflect. I needed time to pro and reactively remove people from my vibe and reflect inwards.

I can't believe the level of (or lack of) intelligence, understanding and ignorance in some people. People who have only now revealed themselves.

I won't preach from the rooftops that some people's silence speaks volumes about them, because we don't know what people are doing in private, or how they are handling things. I'm nobody to judge, do what you have to, to understand and cope. 2020 is the year that's been meaning to happen for a long time.

How many times and how many different ways can you poke a Lion, before it bites your head off?

Please listen to those affected, hear their experiences and do your research. Systemic Racism and discrimination is very obvious - the evidence and statistics alone speak loud and clear.

It's always the right time to do the right thing.

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