To quote or not to quote

When I network and coach others, motivation is often a subject that we discuss, as business owners. It’s sometimes the easiest thing to find and at other times it’s as lost as the sun in the English winter.

I’m going to talk about a niche within motivation, which actually is a lot bigger than it seems — the effect of words on our actions and thoughts.

Motivational quotes are everywhere, they seem to have a mass-appeal, are often easy to read, understand and process. This is great, if a few words on a nice backdrop can motivate someone to do something, why should we complain?

But, there are some people who loathe these and will mock them all day long on Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Now, I understand why quotes may not speak to everyone but I’m not sure how you can actively dislike them. True, some quotes are shallow, over-used and lack a real meaning — to me. Someone out there, will still find it useful and meaningful, and that’s down to our own perceptions.

My point is, some quotes (such as those on the daily notifications by Headspace)can make you stop what you’re doing, take a deep breath and reflect on what’s being said. Perhaps also sharing the words with someone. For me, this has been a huge factor in controlling my thoughts and allowing me to ‘upgrade’ my thinking process. How strange? Few words a day, contributed to me being in a much better position to excel in my life and career.

Which boat are you in? Love or Hate? Indifferent?

I love copywriting so I’m always trying to understand how to write effectively, I’m a lover of quotes in general.

Words move us, words drive us to act and words change us”. — #TejTalks

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