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Tips for your SA from a regular guest (me!)

I stayed in this hut for a weekend. I'm not the smallest of chaps now, but yes I did actually fit. Alongside the 10 ladybugs and moths... It was gorgeous inside though.

Which leads me to the point of this post, I want to give you some tips for your SA business/units, from a guest who regularly uses AirBnB in the UK and Abroad.

1. Please don't have insects up in the place, this one had loads of ladybugs (not spiders thank the lord) and moths, which after they cleaned them, reappeared. I don't like insects.

2. Respond quickly to stuff like the above (which they did). Provide all the information in a booklet or something in the unit, saves you time responding to our dumb questions.

3. Give a discount if you've messed up, the goodwill, brand and what could come from a small refund will be much bigger than someone leaving upset and maybe even complaining to the OTA about you.

4. Stay in your own unit. The radiator had this bright light which we couldn't cover, meaning we were not sleeping in proper darkness. Sounds small? It isn't, look up the effects of light on melatonin and sleep. Check things like this, which you'd never normally think about.

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