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The Reality of my 'success'


Newsflash! What the courses, and some social media will lead you to believe, is the opposite of this. Yes, some grow quickly, with ease and it all works out. Most, however, have a rollercoaster journey full of challenges.

Expect the latter, and hey if you are the 1% that smooth through, then you’ll be even happier.

I’ve had 5 months in Property full time now, driving every other week to my investment area (130mi one way), staying in a cheap AirBnB, eating Subway sandwiches with no spice (ergh) and peeing in service stations. I’ve done easily 160+ viewings, spoken to 50+ agents, met lots of time waster and wasted my time on silly viewings. I’ve put in over 100 offers, been to 3 auctions, failed to win any lots.

I’ve done tonnes of viewings, DD, legal pack reading for these auctions, to get nothing. I have purchased 2 from auction, but you can see the ‘success ratio’ is poor.

I’ve still managed to purchase 9 Properties in 5 months, using mostly Investor funds.
I’ve raised £330,000 in the past 2 months.

Only because I put in 3 months before of work, and also 5 months before that educating myself and building a network.

These are just some of the stats, and ‘failures’ that I’ve had, and continue to have. But, this is a big part of Property, and any business. Rejection, challenges and things going against you. The age old cliche ‘it’s how you react and handle them that matters’ is so true. I could have quit after 10 offers, I could have never returned to auction after the first one, I could have stopped Property altogether. I didn’t.

I carried on, because I knew what was around the corner. My corner could be 100 meters away, yours could be a 1 mile, or 10, or heck, 100 miles away. BUT,

around that corner is the success your working for, and it is coming. Trust me, and trust yourself.

I had a Recruitment business prior to this, so I built up resistance and resilience against rejection. It doesn’t even register emotionally now, it’s just business.

Find your way to build this.

It is vital.
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