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The reach of a Podcast

Not all of you want to have your own Podcast, and not everyone should.

They are a growing platform, especially in the US. People are making Millions of dollars from them, increasing their reach and influence across the globe, with very little outlay. So there is every reason you should have one.

However, it is hard work. It is time consuming, it does wear you down when you have X many recordings to edit, and it's the same monotonous work, with the same loading times, boring! Having said that, recording them is the best bit because you learn so much and benefit from the free education, you get to ask whatever you want, which so far has been exactly what my audience want to hear - which is nice.

I thought I'd share some stats from the past 15 months of The Tej Talks Podcast, because I want to thank YOU for being a part of this movement, supporting, sharing and reviewing.

I also want to show you the reach that social media has in 2020:

218,670 listens

Listened to in 90+ countries

Ranked 15 on the iTunes Chart.

Most 5* reviews of any UK Property Podcast

Highest ranked episode has 3,109 unique listens

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