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Teacher to Property Investor, HMOs, Commercial conversions and being free with Joanna

Joanne is different to a lot of my guests, and I think she will connect with you on a different level. Here's her story briefly:

A teacher for years, hated it in the end, started investing with zero experience, we (me and husband) have 2 hmos and 4 single lets now

Currently buying a Chinese takeaway that will become a 5 bed HMO and turning our own house into a 5 bed HMO.

We manage the renovations ourselves and did the first one with our own hands!We're very close to our financial goal after doing it for nearly 4 years, we took equity out of our house to get going.

I left work about 3 years ago and then plan is for my husband to leave this year. We are loving what property can do for us!! It's been a massive mind set change to do this but we are getting there!

We also talk about:

  • Bullshit builders, having to keep your eye on the ball and one step ahead all the time, I didn't in one case, never again!

  • Being able to keep our eyes on the prize in the beginning when everything just felt so stressful and risky. I didn't read/listen to any fiction books for over a year, I knew I had to program my brain with very different info to what I was used to if we were going to succeed.

  • Cutting out the noise and really focusing on one strategy brr, then HMO's, now bigger HMO's.

  • Figuring out a way of working efficiently, how a schedule can actually give you loads more free time, I hated the idea of a timetable after finishing school, but who knew!? they actually work.

  • We've had our fair share of troubles along the way, one thing we haven't had is dodgy tenants (I'm sure it will come) but we're very strict about our checks that we do.

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