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Stay in your lane

No, not the negative connotation of this phrase, but take a positive spin on it: be focussed.

You know in small companies, big companies and any company, there will always be high-performers who rise above the rest. This is:

  1. Fantastic that you’ve hired someone this good

  2. Can be damaging for them (?!)

Why does number 2 even exist? Surely everyone should look to this person for inspiration and learn how to reach their level, right? Number 1 should be the only point here and this article should end now.

In a perfect world this would be the case, everyone would be self-aware, remove their ego and use this person as their helping-hand to step it up, even if it’s just through careful observation. Being aware of your own characteristics, including weaknesses, is not easy especially when combined with that old bugger; our ego. As Ryan Holliday makes clear, ‘the ego is the enemy’ (great book)

What happens in real life is different. Sometimes.

Some people see success as a negative thing, you know the old crab story where they pull anyone trying to escape the bucket back down? In a negative environment, high-performers will be viewed as ‘show-offs’ or ‘teachers pets’ even if they are humble and don’t brag. This is so irritating, people need to focus on their own road ahead, to get ahead.

People love to talk shit about others achievements, instead of focussing on why they are so average themselves.

#Savage, I know, but am I wrong?

If we all look inwards, analyse our own abilities, skills and traits we would learn a lot about ourselves, but also how to help others do better too. Without understanding and addressing our own downfalls and challenges, who are we to comment on others?

Stay in your lane.

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