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Professional footballer, losing his savings, Investing in Property and now commercial conversions...

We cover a wide range here, there's plenty for you to take home and implement now! If you're new, this is a good one for you.

• Been a professional footballer for 14 years
• Earned some good money in the game
• Gave the majority of his saving to a financial advisor who ultimately lost every penny
• Lucky the savings he didn’t give to a financial advisor (not a big amount) he set up a property company in 2012
• He had no investor knowledge at the time so plodded along for a couple of years, before education opened his eyes to the different strategies but more importantly how to leverage other people’s money for a mutual gain.
• He now has experience in single let’s, HMO, SA (which he's pulled away from), and commercial to resi which is what he's looking to scale.
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