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People before Profits⁠

People will be your biggest problem, and your biggest help on this journey. ⁠

You can’t build a business or portfolio without them, you can’t do every aspect of buying property yourself (as much as us entrepreneurs will try!). ⁠

Spend time before worrying about spreadsheets, viewings, and purchasing, to actually network in your local and investment area. This could be physical events or digitally, or both. Start to build relationships very early on with Solicitors, Brokers, Builders, fellow Investors etc. ⁠

This will pay dividends later down the line when you have an established relationship, especially if you invest far from home. The number of people who have helped me out with a wide range of things, and I never had to leave my house, is incredible. ⁠

Put relationships first, especially before money, and I promise in the grand scheme you’ll make more money anyway. Work deeply on key relationships, get to know the people in your team properly, take them out for a social event (dinner, coffee etc) and bond on a personal level. We enjoy working with people we like, we work harder and quicker for them. ⁠

You need your team to be in harmony, and to be working their best for you. However, pick your team very carefully, take time, think it through, use recommendations and follow your gut. ⁠

When there is a dispute that involves money, you’ll see people’s true character come out – for better or worse, don’t ever forget how people behaved in those situations and don’t be afraid to drop people, quickly.⁠

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