My recent BTL

This is a cute little BTL.⁠

It was not a huge refurbishment, about £6,000 of refurbishment and a good deep clean.⁠

I spent a bit extra on that shower cubicle making it saucy with the MarbleMetro™️.⁠

Turns out it wasn't the best electrical system in there, I should have got the sparky in earlier, but I made a mistake and assumed as it was tenanted before, that it was good and proper. Nope, few issues that needed sorting out such as a new earth rod, rewiring the shower wires and adding earth sleeves throughout. Fortunately I have a good electrician now, who explains things properly when needed. ⁠

I also have my builders electrician who is solid. ⁠

Lesson: Get core people in early, much easier to work on electrics before a house has been refurbished and painted. Don't assume previous occupancy means it was safe or legal. Infact, this tenant had bypassed the meter, he didn't want to pay the £35 debt... right. 😕⁠


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