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My latest flip deal

I LOVE this colour. I think it works really well with the white satin skirts, and the wonderful sunshine. I mean, everything goes with the sun 🌞⁠

With my flips moving forward, I'll be using this colour or similar to make it stand out from the clinical white I do in BTLs. I think it also gives a warmth, and when you have high ceilings like this house it can bring it in a little, to be cosier. ⁠

This has been SO PAINFUL as a project. I've got a video on my Youtube about it. I think it's turned out great, and it's a house I'd love to keep in my portfolio. ⁠

PP: £74,500⁠

Costs: £2,835⁠

Refurb: £20,900 (supposed to be £17,500)⁠

All in: £104,062⁠

Resale: £125,000⁠

PROFIT: £21,000⁠

Am I going to spend this on a deposit for a new Merc? Nah, me and my '02 CLK are good. This will go towards paying interest on some of my loans.⁠

This was 100%+ Investor funded. I put in.. £0.⁠

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