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Money vs experience vs emotion. FIGHT!

The last time you felt good, like really deeply happy, was this a result of an expensive experience? Did you have to spend a tonne of money on it?

Unless you’re on the cast of Made In Chelsea, I think you would say no.

The emotions that surround happiness, contentment, enjoyment and anything positive are strong. Of course there’s biology to support that point, but just remember how you felt the last time you met up with friends and had a right laugh. Good eh?

As humans we seek out experiences that will be emotive enough to create such lovely feelings. Whether they are free or cost a mil, the response is often the same.

Whilst most of you reading this are on a journey to financial freedom, entrepreneurship or wealth building, let’s take a moment to reflect. Why do we want all this money? Here’s some examples and I’ll show you why they are related to the emotion not the £££.

I want to give money back to the community = helping others = I feel great

I want a sexy car with alcantara seats = my butt feels good = I feel good and accomplished

I want freedom to spend with my kids = time = fulfillment and inner joy

I could carry on! I’m not saying we do everything for our own inner happiness, but a lot of our actions will lead to this, as selfless as they seem.

So are we just searching for happiness, and money illuminates the path for us?

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