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Mike Winnet talks about Property training.

On todays episode we have something special...

Mike Winnet is THE self-appointed, uninspirational, backwards thinking "leader" currently influencing thousands of, below average, people on LinkedIn and YouTube.

"When it comes to business, Mike has forgotten more than your favourite guru will ever know..." said one, six star, review."

"The Contrepreneur Series"

Can you get-rich-quick?

If you look at all the Facebook and YouTube ads, it's never been easier.

Guru after guru screaming about their book, course, mentoring and bootcamps that will help YOU get rich, quick.

If you just buy their course or attend their event, you'll be on your way to becoming rich in #dropshipping, #crypto, #property investing, #forex, #affiliatemarketing etc.

I wanted to uncover the truth behind "get rich quick" schemes and REALLY put them to the test, and reveal my results, for free.

I've clicked the ads, and invested my money, so you don't have to.

It might be funny.

I might lose a shit load of money.

Success Resources Review:


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