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Mental Clarity

I’m sick, and weak and have no voice. Can you imagine? The Tej CAN’T Talk Podcast? Nightmare.

I’ve been feeling lost lately, due to some changes in Property Business arrangements, a lack of patience and no clarity in my mind. I wasn’t ready for the changes, I seem to tell myself to prepare for the dynamism of life but often find myself static. Then I look back and think ‘you idiot! you knew what to do, why are you being late to realise?’.

These are things that are all down to ME and nobody else. How I perceive them, act on them and move onwards is down to ME. #Stoic. Yes, the decisions and changes may be out of my control, but my reaction is mine. Offers could be rejected, Agents will cancel, vendors will ignore you, builders will lie and surveyors may down value your house. What can you do about it? Solve the problem, be efficient, and move on and up. Control the emotions, step back and breathe, reacting emotionally to business situations often isn’t best. Unless you’re celebrating of course! 

Sometimes you get restless, you don’t want to be in the same space having the same thoughts as always. It really helps to get out and change your environment, even if it’s for a 15 minute walk. It helps that my local park is popular for dog walkers, so my day has been made by the 25 adorable pups that I’ve met today. None of them were interested in JV-ing though, shame. Their loss, they must be barking mad…

So my takeaway is, once you have that mental clarity of just what you’re doing and why, your mind can settle and you can just get on with things, knowing you’re heading in the right direction. 

Organise your mind, read Stoicism, do some mindfulness, take deep breaths, go for walks, drive somewhere new and do what you have to sometimes, to refresh your mind. I find it helps to break the tasks/goals down into small steps in a to-do list, with time frames so that you can track and understand your progress. Simplify things, put them down on paper, stop them floating around your head. 

We clean our bodies so often, why not our minds?


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