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Know your value. How much are you worth?

Would you answer this by calculating your net-worth? or adding up all your life experiences? or asking your loved ones? or asking your insurance company?

Perhaps the answer lies in every facet of your life, which you may forget is totally unique to you. Your thoughts, mental processes and perceptions are only felt and truly understood by you.

When we are ‘new’ into an area of business, we tend to do more listening then talking, more taking than giving. Which is natural right? Sure — you’ll only learn if you’re paying attention to experts and those with lots of practical experience.

What if you realised the value you could actually be adding to anyone of any level of experience. Step back and reflect on your life, what can you do really well, what areas are you an expert in, what can you offer others and what have you experienced?

For example; I have not invested in a single property yet, I speak to people with portfolios of 1,3,10, 50 BTLs often. What on earth could I even do to help them? Social Media & Marketing, this is an area that I am super passionate about and have done with great success in my Recruitment business. Do people want me to help? You bet they do.

Don’t underestimate your life experiences, everyone has plenty to offer, so be brave; speak out, put your hand up and be generous. You’ll be surprised by how many people would love to have your help, and what they may do in return.


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