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Kindness wins.

Time after time I hear stories of people in business who are only out here for themselves, ask for kickbacks or think they are gods gift to the earth. 

To caveat this, I hear much less than I would say 5 years ago, transparency is a big thing now and lots of companies are forced to be open about business conduct. I don’t see any negatives about this, we should all behaving properly and ethically, so really we have nothing to hide from anyone. 

Being kind should be a natural part of life and business, however it’s not as easy as you think. Here’s an example, you go to Tescos (other supermarkets are available) and the cashier is miserable. HEH, you think, where is the customer service? It’s easy for us to think this, on the other side of the till, however we know nothing about their life, nothing. You could argue that good customer service should come first no matter someones story, is this true? I see the argument on both sides, and I know plenty of people who will be smiling and on point, even when their world is collapsing around them. 

I think this can be classed simply as a mindset, in this situation the cashier doesn’t intend to come across miserable/rude/upset, it’s just how they are feeling. 

However, some people are purposely rude and provide bad customer service, or act unethically in business for solely their gain. Business is almost always a 2-way transaction of some sort, both parties should take some benefit from it. 

What these people don’t understand is the long-game and reputation.

All it takes is one bad deal and your whole name can be tarnished, for a very long time. Which is why I say, when building a brand, you will be held accountable by your followers and your reputation is even easier to break. The long game is so important, yes you can throw some facebook ads together and keep bringing in new customers — it’s much cheaper to retain and have loyalty,

which you won’t with a bad attitude.

It’s 2019, people have plenty of choice and is any company truly unique anymore? 

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