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It's not you, it's me

As I draw a close to my Welsh chapter, I reflect.

My last 3 refurbs are either on the market or just about to be. The other 11 are tenanted peacefully or in legal. I feel a real sense of serenity.


My mind feels clear, and I really feel a huge weight off my shoulders. I get some physical health issues, I used to think they were standard, but I'm realizing they are stress-related 'hidden' stress, i.e when I don't really feel it. I notice they go rapidly when things are a lot less stressful.

Now, it's not to say I want an easy life, or that there is pleasure in just plodding along, but sometimes when your passion shifts and you realize what you really like, it's hard to stay focussed.

Alas, I have preserved and these refurbishments are done to a high standard. I'm proud of them, feedback has been great.

Watch out for my Podcast on this, coming soon. #vibes

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