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Intent, Action and what it means.

A-I=P if you like Algebra

Intent is a powerful thing.

I don’t think you can have true, deep and authentic intent without a really strong driver behind it. You need to be passionate about what you’re doing, you need to love it, to want to do it in the rain and in the sun. If you’re plodding along, in a job you don’t like for example, your intent behind every task will be whack. WHACK. You just don’t care enough nor is the why or purpose deep enough, to give you a strong driver.

Why do I even talk about this?

Even when you think you’ve found your passion, your calling, your ideal job, you may still not feel right. You might be doing the right tasks, with intensity and focus. However, you may be lacking intent.

And that’s a big problem.

I don’t think you can train it, it has to be felt deep within and emanate up and outwards. We enjoy stuff, so why would we put our real energy into stuff we don’t like? We can pretend, sure, like a lot of people do at work, but it’s not real.

Check yourself — are you just trudging along, no real push or impetus behind you? Are you lacking motivation, even when times are good? Step back, reflect and think on it. Don’t just carry on because you feel you need to, or that society says you should be doing this. Quit it, stop it, change it, move it, switch it.

Do whatever you have to do.

When you feel intention behind every action and thought, you will feel a new level of power and confidence.




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