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Ignoring other people’s BS

I recently took on a new short-term contract, I’m more used to working from home, alone, with only my 5 office plants to keep me company…

The only stress I’ve had before has been my own, in my own head. I’ve not had much external stress or bad vibes or BS from others.

Working in a fairly large company, there is always gossip, people’s opinions and negativity, no matter how well you hire. Over time I’ve learnt to shape my mindset to a place that I’m really happy with. Before, I’d get involved in the gossip (Love Island now provides enough of that!) and feel some type of way about the negativity.

I’m at the point now where people’s opinions or complaints or bad vibes just do not affect me. I don’t even let the sound waves enter my ear, seriously, the second I hear BS I just turn off. Sometimes, I’ll even get up and leave the conversation physically.

Example: I asked one person what happened with a delay in an interview, suddenly 3 others appeared sharing their views on the overall culture around this and who’s fault it is and WHINE WHINE WINE —

What did I do? Said “thanks for clarifying but I’ll leave y’all to discuss”. Stood up, walked back to my desk. Bye!

I’m genuinely really proud of myself for drastically shifting my mindset to allow me to be oblivious to bad vibes around me and not let them penetrate my thoughts. It’s not even an active process. It’s taken me at least a year to get to this stage, I’m usually very self critical but this for me is an achievement.

If you can learn to feel this way, then wow — you will find deep self-belief and an undying faith in your abilities to achieve whatever it is you want. It’s very liberating, and honestly we can all do it.

Yes, I’m talking to you, all of you.

How? Mindfulness, the gym, a great network and lots of books.

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