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How I became Mindful

I’ve almost conquered my thoughts and created a powerful mindset for myself.

I used to get pretty wound up by little things, such as idiot drivers (so many these days) which was fine, but, I wasn’t able to get over it and move on. It would linger in my head, making me angry, looking for something else to irritate me so I could release my anger. Just, it didn’t really get released, it slowly died down after a few hours.

This is no way to live, I couldn’t focus and it would cause unnecessary arguments with people around me. This happened for a while.

I would fret more than I should, and didn’t really have control of my feelings, I’ve got a lot of them! Working from home, alone, in my own business also added to the stress levels, especially when things went wrong (often).

Fast forward, and a few months ago I started using Headspace, I did the meditations for a week or so and turned on the 5x daily notifications (which are incredible). I also started watching a chap called Jeff Cavliere, on his AthleanX Youtube channel (My favorite alongside ChannelYourStrength).

Jeff always talks about engaging your mind when using your muscles, focussing in on certain areas and really feeling the stretch/pain/movement. I engaged with this, and actioned it, a lot.

Somehow, through the gym and weightlifting, I have learnt to better control my emotions in every aspect of my life.

This may sound strange, but the Gym gives me solace and peace deep inside, I don’t check my phone, I don’t think about anything other than exercise. I have become so mindful and aware in the Gym, I’ve seen my body grow quicker than ever before, and I’ve learnt to keep my mind in check, in my business life.

Perhaps, instead of trying to empty your mind and meditate, as per the standard way — you need to find your ‘Gym’, something that really brings peace to you and makes you feel at ease. It could be when you’re eating cheese (mmm), trust me, it’s super personal to you. This may be the key to your mindfulness.

I’m still working on it, but I feel different, I feel content and able to let things pass by without a negative emotion or clinging on to it.

Was it easy? No. Should I have done it earlier? Yes.

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