Happy Birthday!

I'm feeling 27 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾⁠

Not as catchy as 22 is it. You singing that song in your head now?⁠

Ah, my Birthday. I always feel pensive on this day, I reflect quite a lot and use it to think about what's been achieved and all the challenges I've faced. ⁠

I also reflect on my personal relationships, all the friends lost (cut), new friends made and meaningful connections made.⁠

It's also Juneteenth, which is an important day in history. ⁠

Generally, I'm not that fussed or excited about my Birthday, although what I'd give to be in a club right now with some Burna Boy blasting... 🤩⁠

Maybe a mixed grill before... Paneer 😪⁠

Anyhoo, sugar free high-protein cake for one!⁠

I accept high quality moisturisers as gifts 😉 #laoccitane

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