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Getting Started in Property

Why property?

There’s a reason why the phrase ‘Safe as Houses’ exists. Investing in property is one of the safest (when done right), and most rewarding investments available today. Both the short and long term of property can offer great returns. Building your property portfolio can benefit you in many ways: Asset for life, Family inheritance, Capital gains, Pension, Passive income And more …

There are estimated to be around two million landlords in the UK, owning around five million properties (The Guardian), with that number ever increasing. Owning an investment property has become more popular due to the demand and great returns on properties across the UK.

Where to start?

Books / Audiobooks: Books are an excellent resource for anyone just starting out in property. They offer a low-cost solution for newbies and seasoned professionals. (Property Magic, Your Property Jumpstart, No Money Down Investing)

Mentoring: A good mentor can be expensive; however, they are essential to fast tracking yourself to a successful property portfolio. They provide first hand experience, contacts and knowledge. Which when called upon can be invaluable.

Courses: Courses can be extremely beneficial. There are plenty of free courses available (watch out for the upsell). Make sure you do your full due diligence before committing to any paid courses.

Now you may be thinking the above points require time, money, and commitment. Unfortunately, they do. However, if you are looking to fast track yourself into property, then a partnership may be the solution for you. If you have access to funds but you’re unsure how to invest, there’s the option to partner with a company or individual that has already been through the above points. Partnering can be a great way to lower your risk and learn at the same time.

If you invested in property 10 years ago there’s no doubt you would be financially free today. However, there is still a good time to invest and that is today. Stop making the excuses and take action to secure your financial future.

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