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FOCUS on your path

The sector of property has SO many avenues and sectors within it. It covers a huge range of jobs, industries, generations, technologies and more. What area are you in? Why did you choose this?

Have you made a conscious decision to focus on this aspect or was it an accident? Take a moment to reflect (after reading this of course!) on how you have reached where you are today. If you’re still unsure, then we suggest writing down your goals, dreams and visions. Start with the ‘end’ in mind, what do you want to achieve? This way you can narrow down your choices to a path that leads you achieve and exceed your goals. Try this exercise, how much does it help?

Once you’ve chosen your area, there will be many strategies within this, in property Investment for example; Lease Options, Rent2Rent, BTLs, HMOs, Commercial, Conversions, SA, Flips, Building, Build-to-rent, Build-to-sell, Land, Planning uplifts and more.

Now take a breath!

Again start with the end in mind — here’s how we’ve done it:

  • We want to provide fantastic, high-quality and stylish homes to the community

  • We strive to give Investors huge returns on our properties

  • We want to make housing more affordable for young professionals.

Therefore, what strategies would work well for us — Single-let BTLs, HMOs and R2R. Single-lets allow us to rejuvenate outdated and old properties and rent these at market rates to families. HMO’s allow us to create wonderful co-living spaces for those who can’t afford to rent an entire flat, enjoy the social aspect and want to live in commuter areas. R2R is similar, but we can do this in parts of London, where property purchase prices just don’t make sense vs. rental income.

My property company Bricks & More, also ease landlords stress and effort with rent collection, providing a guaranteed rent service.

We hope these examples and explanations help, and guide you on your journey!

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