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[Q&A] 100% finance, risks of borrowing, bridge-to-let, pre-valuations and all your Finance questions

MONEY. Borrowing, lending, making and losing. We know which of these we prefer, but how do you stay safe when investing in Property?

⁣⁣Michael Primrose, an experienced Investor and Mortgage Broker and I spent some time answering YOUR questions that you put to us on Facebook. We discuss the possibility of 100% finance, the largest and smallest deals Michael has worked on and a case study with the one and only Adam Huzzey. (he's been on the show too)

A sample of the questions we answered:

⁣⁣Saif Rehan: What determines you’re likely to get a B&M valuation or a Com valuation on a HMO post refurb. I’ve heard experience, I’ve heard area and various other things?

⁣⁣Andrew Thomas: What are they key credentials for assessing a mortgage application - credit score, etc. ⁣⁣

Richard Dyke: We’ve seen Peer to Peer (P2P) business models making inroads into the bridging and development finance sectors over recent years. Do you see this growth continuing and the P2P lending model being applied to other areas of property finance?⁣⁣

Annie Boyd: Do mortgage lenders put an upper age limit on who they will lend to for BTL or HMO lending?⁣

⁣Karl Simpson: With regards to lease option agreements on residential properties, in terms of renting them out to tenant buyers are there any obstacles or issues with lenders arranging consent to let? Any good ways to overcome objections.

⁣⁣Shahbaz Khokhar: How to get valuation before work is completed? Can I run 2 lending applications same time and go with survey that's best?⁣

This is a great podcast for anyone interested in understanding Property finance better and to see what's out there on the market and how best you could structure deals.

Michael Primrose on FB.

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