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Come Correct.

Training courses and memes don’t always give you the dose of reality that, well, reality gives you. Running a business that is customer facing, and servicing is not easy, you’re dealing with humans who don’t always think rationally or behave properly. However, your integrity in every and any situation is vital. I would like to share some brief insight below, that may sound harsh, but is the truth:

If you’re expected to do something, do it.

If you are being paid to deliver, then deliver.

Be proactive not reactive.

Act with integrity, don’t promise something and not provide.

I don’t want to hear your excuses, because that’s what they are are.

It’s on you, no one else.

Keep your excuses to tell your pets, because your customers don’t need to hear them.

If you’ve agreed to a deal, stick to it.

Provide a service that doesn’t need explanations, you don’t need to explain fantastic delivery, do you?

Actions speak for themselves. Let yours do the talking.

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