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BMW stripes on a Merc?


I came out of the gym this morning, did some strength training today for my back. My wrists always let me down, anyway, that’s a different blog.

I noticed this black Mercedes CLK, it’s a nice model actually and I may purchase one next, the used market is solid. It had ‘racing’ stripes on it aka rude boy stripes, at least that’s what we call them in Hounslow. Big up.

I just thought…hold on, those stripes are BMW M Colours, why would these be on a Merc? They didn’t even look good! So out of place, and for a car lover like me it felt WRONG, so WRONG.

This got me thinking.

Sometimes in life, we try and be who we are not. We try a job, a career, a business, that just isn’t us. We think we have passion for it and a real drive, deep down. Even deeper down though, is the real you, screaming out for you to stop, or shift or quit. We don’t listen, sometimes until we’re so deep in something that we fall for the sunken cost fallacy.

It’s not easy to know ‘who’ you are, what you should be doing and why. It takes time, we don’t get born with a set path, life takes more turns than me trying to do a 3 point turn in a big van on a narrow welsh street.

This is not a blog about figuring it out, it’s about simply being you.

Follow your gut, follow your heart and follow your brain. Sounds easy right? nope.

I will end this and say, be who you are.

Especially in your personal brand, authenticity is key, and this key unlocks almost all doors.

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