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Everything in moderation is pretty sound advice, apart from cheese, this should be consumed in excess. JUST kidding! sort of….

anyway, this isn’t about your nutrition per se, but about balancing everything in life, to live a healthy life. I’m guilty of not having a balance, many times I’ve lost it, become ill (sinuses/cold) and been out for days. IF you don’t pick your rest days, your body will, and it’s pretty stern with how it shows you.

Staying in control of your life is important, it’s easy to get carried away working ‘too hard’ or too much, especially if you work/run your business alone. We’ve all done it, and still do it. Ah, just one more thing before bed….. 3 hours later…. ah, just one more thing. STOP!

Bad habits from easily. Instead of a wordy blog about this, I’m going to break down ways you can maintain a balance in some concise bullet points:

  • Listen to your body

  • Drink lots of water

  • Excersize regularity

  • Take breaks every 45 minutes

  • Use the pomodoro technique

  • Take adequate big breaks (holidays, days off, play xbox cook, time with kids etc)

  • Become self aware (very tricky) so that you spot when you’re not sticking to good habits

  • Have a morning routine

  • Build structure into your day

  • Understand you can’t do it all in one day

  • If you work at home, separate work/play environments physically and mentally

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