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An Excerpt from my Book

I haven’t announced this or anything, but I’d like to share two entries from a book I will publish in say 6 months. It’s like the memoirs of my journey basically, so it’s very open and honest. Here goes!

2nd October 2019

Cancelled the first viewing because agent was adamant they wouldn't accept less than XX due to the mortgage, cool, I needed the loo badly anyway so that freed up some time.

Second and third viewing we're good, overpriced, agent confident they'd sell at this level said with a smile of certainty and ' I know better than you', fair enough. Didn't want to engage in a friendly bet of 'how much will it sell for'.

4/5th, waste of time, asking too much and people will pay too much, cancelled the 6th one as agent knows me and said you know there's no point, no margin for you in it. I said fair enough, gave me time to fill out a loan agreement for a recent refurb-loan investor on an earn and learn and eat a crappy sandwich.

6/7/8 were solid. Well, the bloody houses weren't but 😂 I love it. Too much Lath plaster though, adding a bit too much to the refurb cost.

Last viewing - I may exchange on tomorrow. (Post auction) One of those ones that's too cheap to believe, need to figure it out.

Then Nandos with a fellow Investor and popped over to see another Investor and her crazy puppy. What a day. Still trying to figure out the leak on my first house too. That's a month’s rent gone on fixing it, minimum.

Thursday 11th October 2019:

I didn’t know Maiden name was a first name, I thought it was middle. Guess no one will ever break into my accounts, when that security question comes up.

Auction today, mild lots. Nothing crazy, everything sensible and exactly what the average Property Investor wants. I won nothing, sad times. I was a few £ks off all the lots, most went for decent prices but a few things went for rather high. I have a great relationship with the Auction company and auctioneer. I always stick around for a chat, and they all know me.

TIP: At auction, you’re often the ‘lowest bidder’ meaning you have a low limit, then it’s people who want to leave in money, then it’s builders who save costs, then it’s homeowners who will buy at whatever price. So it’s tough, but, it can and will work. Stick at it.

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