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74 Networking events, 0 to 15 Rent2SA units and £75,000 raised in 12 months, Chris Taylor talks SA.

Chris talks all things SA, in particular R2SA. How can you make money from a property you don’t own, with very little money in? (£5-10k) We discuss this strategy in detail. Is it hospitality or a property business, or a hybrid - listen in to find out. 

Chris and his business partner have attended more than 1 property networking event a week across the country over the past year, whilst working full-time. This is commitment, the kind you need to see the results they have.

He’s very honest and upfront about his figures. 

He also talks about how his education has been vital to him, how you could spend £10k of savings in property and what to look for to identify a good R2SA deal. 0 to 15 in one year is no easy feat, as Chris shares the challenges as well as the good times. 

Follow Mr_christaylor on Instagram, he posts tonnes of free content and advice. 


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