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3 Tips for success in any & everything

Let’s get straight into it, I’ve read lots of books and been in many situations and struggles in life that I wouldn’t have been able to get through, without a strong mindset. I want to share 3 of many tips I have for being successful, success is defined by you and no one else. Oh your neighbour has a Lamborghini? Don’t compare yourself to anyone except who you will be in the future.

Be responsible:

Surprise, surprise, so many people do not take ownership of their behaviour and thoughts. Blame others, the world, their upbringing, the temperature of coffee today, the weather, god, the rotation of the earth… endless list of BS excuses. YOU are in charge of your path, your thoughts and behaviours. The second you take responsibility for yourself, your life will change. Just like that. Start with small changes, form habits which become ingrained in you. Reading The Chimp Paradox is a great place to start to understand your mind and it’s many quirks.

F what other people think:

People will have positive and negative vibes to share with you, it’s up to you to have a trusted circle whose constructive criticism you value and act upon. Forget the rest of the world, who are irrelevant to you and your success, you’ll have haters and loved ones who will give you bad advise and not believe in you. Disregard this, your self belief should be strong. I’m not saying ignore everyone and everything, you’ll know when someone’s feedback is honest and helpful, so take that on board.

Don’t focus on money:

We all want a wonderful life, not having to worry about money, working 9–5 and running into debt. It’s very easy to focus on the money and nothing else, but your business and attitude won’t thrive if money is the centre of all your attention. Shift your mind and process to ensuring the best service for customers/clients, employees and building a brand people love.

Most importantly solve meaningful problems.

The money will follow, trust me.

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