3 Podcast launch tips


As with anything in life it can often help to have a plan in place before starting out on a new venture. With podcasting I’d recommend having at least 2 weeks worth of content pre-recorded and scheduled for release. This ensures you aren’t rushing around before a release and you’re always ahead of the game, it’s not fun being sick, returning from holiday and having to do everything 6 hours before launch… Believe me!


Create a brand, a colour, an image, a saying, something memorable and attractive. I chose yellow because I love the colour and it has certain connotations, my name is well…my name!

The #TejTalks is short and catchy and similar to TedTalks, so I knew it be easy to remember for fans.

On a deeper level define what you want as an outcome of your podcasts, why you want this and how you will achieve it, practically.


I use a Samson C01U mic for recording, it costs £70 on Amazon — my dad got it for a tenner from a bootsale, win! There’s plenty out there, read the reviews and see what you think, I don’t think you should spend more than £100 at first really, you could get away with a good one for £50. I use Audacity to edit the audio, it’s free and it’s amazing. I then use garageband to bring all the audio elements together, it came free with my Mac. I edit myself, it takes 30 mins max per episode from start to upload. I use pippa.io as a hosting service, their platform is modern and support is good, other ones I found felt too old and clunky. They push to all apps, including Spotify. I pay £10 a month via a discount, it’s usually £20.

That’s all folks! Stay tuned for more next week, if you want help setting up a Podcast then let me know, I’ve got a few consulting slots left to get you from 0–60, real quick.

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