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£2.1m raised, 100+ networking events & Social Housing 'pre-sales' Dorian talks big profit, BUT...

big problems.


Dorian has been in property for a very long time, Investing isn't new to him. Although he's only really been using Investor funds for the past couple of years.

He's big on physical networking, and I've seen him in action. We speak heavily about networking, about how to do it, his 3 top tips, key lines/words you can use, the real cost of networking (mentally/physically) but, how the benefits can be huge.

Dorian is an inspiration, and we discuss BIG DEALS. How it's not all it's cracked up to be online and in courses, and that there is a lot more to it. The struggle and challenges are real, so are the longer time frames.

When you hear the profit this may redeem it, but, it may not.

Remember, follow your own path, do what's right for you.

His pipeline GDV is £31m, with 170 properties in it, some of which are owned and being built, some is in legals or prior. Big things!

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