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What do you do in your 'Audio Dead Time', i.e commuting, whilst working, at the gym, traveling, working on side projects and all the other times your ears are free? 

Podcasts are an amazing way to learn more, develop your skills and build up a big knowledge base. All through those little devices in your pockets, by your bedside table, on your office desk or at home. You can hear and connect with experts globally, in a huge variety of fields... you could even be in a field - that's the power of digital!

I started this Tej Talks Podcast because whilst it's great having big names and celebrities in the Property scene, with tonnes of experience and Investments under their belt, what about the underdogs? What about the everyday investor? What about people who are like you and me? 

I want to connect more relatable people with you, I want to share the stories of those just like us, who have had success in property and have many valuable stories to tell.

Could this be you? 


Get in touch now to be considered for the show.

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