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How to spend £1m in Property and how it applies to every level with David Lenton


  • Dropped out of university to become a professional online poker player. Had a solid amount of success.

  • Transitioned from that into my first business in 2010 (Lenton Marketing Ltd), which I still run today, that focuses on search engine optimization and affiliate marketing in the online gaming space. Current clients include Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and most other large domestic operators.

  • Started investing seriously in stocks and shares (2015-2016) and have been building my portfolio ever since.

  • Established Lenton Property Ltd in 2018 with the goal of deploying £1,000,000 into a diversified range of property investments. Currently that number sits at £972,000 in property that's 'complete' with another £350,000 worth of projects in development at present. 

  • Portfolio includes standard buy to let, student HMO and holiday lets / serviced accommodation. 

  • I've also currently got £155,000 in cash loaned out to developers as part of the overall property portfolio.


  • What yields are possible with unencumbered property.

  • What should your yield target be.

  • When or where you should consider breaking your own rules or targets (other potential upsides or hidden upsides).

  • How easy or hard is it to deploy a large amount of capital quickly and how concerned should you be about opportunity cost when making investment decisions. 

  • How much to commit to one geographic location and what risk are you looking to circumvent here. 

  • How much diversification of strategy do you need and are certain strategies more 'risky' and should therefore feature less in your portfolio.

  • Should you consider using leverage even when you have a large sum to invest and what are the main points of consideration.

  • How much time is sensible to spend on or commit to investing a large sum of money into property and how that impacts what projects you should work on or investments you should make.

  • What can you do to make your portfolio as efficient as possible over the long term.

  • Why make this kind of investment, on such a large scale, in the first place.

  • Is it wise to be 'all in' on property.

I think it's also interesting to reflect back on how the process has actually played out, how the different parts of the portfolio yield and what kind of time commitments the portfolio requires. 

There are some serious lessons to learn as well in regards to how long projects take, what to expect from sources/developers, how to make judgements on the people you work with and how to avoid over reliance on individuals in order to protect yourself and your capital. 

The value I bring is having been through the process, having made mistakes with some investment properties, having made mistakes dealing with certain individuals (builders and developers included), having dealt with the decision making process behind each investment and the burden of deploying that amount of capital and having come out the other-side and what that looks like along with what I'd do differently with with the new experiences I've gained.

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